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General Engineering (Treatments) Ltd
Tel: +44(0)1702 410340
Fax: +44(0)1702 293774
E.mail: enquiries@get-ltd.com
A380 Taking off at the Paris Airshow 2007
General Engineering (Treatments) Ltd © 2008
Welcome to General Engineering (Treatments) Ltd
Core Competence
Unique Features
G.E.T fully utilise their high capacity treatments houses
and paint shops to continually deliver highly competitive
Lead Times, Quality and Costs across a wide range of
processes and treatments including:- Cadimium Plating,
Phosphating, Passivation, Chromic Acid Anodise,
Alocrom 1200, Chromate Treatment, Zinc Spray,
Ally Spray, Anodic Flaw Detect, Penetrate Flaw Detection,
Pressure Testing, Hardness Testing, Conductivity Testing,
Acid Etch Inspection, Vacuum Blasting, Specialised Priming,
Painting, Stoving and Ink Ident Marking.  
Non-Destructive Testing
& Chemical Processes
Cert No 122949, 127766, 130426
Airbus UK Ltd
· Approval: 10021 & 228987
· Approval: SQA/V30421
global assurance
National Quality Assurance
ISO 9001:2000
ASO 9100
Bombardier Aerospace
    · Approval:  QD4.6 - 40

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